Another Life

by Sessy

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released July 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Sessy Shenzhen, China

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Track Name: Working on the Song
I’m still working on the song to win your heart
My fingers are bleeding, and I’m not succeeding, but I still want to play the part

I stayed up all night writing this
I’d stay up forever, I’d wait up forever, for the taste of your lips

I spill my heart for you, there’s not much more I can do

So I guess I’ll keep singing, til everyone’s gone
I hope your ears are ringing, the sound of this song
I know my heart, is still keeping time

I want you to be mine, I want you to be mine, I want you to be mine, I want you to be mine
Track Name: Kiss That Never Happened
Searching for the words, to tell you how I feel
But words just won’t do, I guess I’ll just have to use my lips another way

Looking deeply in your eyes,
Does your heart desire the same as mine?
I wish I could, believe that I could

But I ran away, now I’m wishing I had stayed
But I can’t initiate this kiss, there’s too much at risk
Holding back, I turned my back on you
Stayed up all night, thinking of you
I swear your eyes screamed for it

Think what could have been, a kiss that never happened
Thinking what could have been, a kiss that never happened
And this I can’t forget
And this I will always regret

So here I am singing about a kiss that never happened
With a girl who doesn’t even, believe in love
Track Name: Boardwalk
There’s a place along the boardwalk where the water waits for you
And when morning comes we’ll see the stars give in to a sunrise view
The fireflies are leading eyes but they can’t keep mine off you
I’ve been waiting for the perfect sign and that shooting star told me what to do

Kiss you

The falling star was a wall of ours that fell to the strength of our gaze
And now that I know that you’ll let me, I’m free to take you away
The sun has come, the day is young, the grass beneath us is wet
Both of us should probably go, but we’re not ready to go home just yet,
When there’s still time

To kiss you

And I am free, to kiss you
And I am free to take you away
Track Name: Equally Divide
They will equally divide
To find a closer point of view
Eliminating the excess
To find the truer you
And equally we lie
Beside ourselves
Hoping to find someone else

And I hope you will see
The urgency with which I breathe
And I hope you will hear
The words I’m dying to speak

Eventually we’ll try
To find our muse
Pushing obstacles aside
Putting ourselves to use

Eventually you’ll find
What I left behind
I just hope that it’s enough to keep you alive (until I return)
Track Name: Burns
Remember the place, You called paradise
I remember your face, As it burned before your eyes
And I hid the match, Behind my back
Somehow despite your tears, I was able to stifle my laugh (I could still stifle my laugh)

And I hope you know, in the after glow
You looked just like an angel, you weren’t though
And I wish you were, still I’m glad it hurt,
Who needs tattoos when, you’ve got the burns

There’s an empty station, in a ghost town
Where I wait all day, hoping to be found
When I hear a train whistle, it gets my hopes up high
As it fades into the distance, I want to curl up and die

And I hope you know, if I don’t show
I’ve got a funeral to attend to, and it aint optional
All dressed in black, I hear no laughs
Who needs life when, you’ve been left for dead
Track Name: Pardon My French
Nous parlons, en etranger langue
Parce-que l’anglais, did not work for us
Je ne sais pas, pourquoi nous dansons
Ce violent danse avec ces violent mouvements

Quelquefois je pense, c’est completement ma faute
Please explain this once, what I have done wrong
I’m asking for answers, I’m asking for help
I’m asking for reasons to save myself

You’re coming up short, what of our rapport
I guess like myself, it got left out in the storm
You’re coming up empty, I’m not coming up for air
Cause you wrapped me so tight and snug in your blanket of despair

I’m so close to death, you just don’t seem to care
I went looking for comfort, and got a fucking dare
Your indifference is no different to a gun in my hand
And the direction is guided by your reprimand

I walked away, and you didn’t look back
You’d too much to look forward to, with me off your back
Gave up on love, gave up on me,
I gave in to other comforts for my shattered believes

And I know we’re both dying, from the lives that we lead
We walk opposite directions, on a one way street
So I guess you’ll walk into traffic, and I’ve been pushed too far away
To hold you back this time
Track Name: An Earnest Attempt
Dead-end dreams and waking life, Keeping yours and taking mine
Every time you lose something, There’s something new to be gained
For better or worse I accept the curse, The blessed things that I birth
For all the people that I’ve hurt, I’ve taken away some pain

And I hope you, will walk these streets,
With someone new
And I hope I, will be so, lucky too

I’m feeling quite delirious, I didn’t know it was so serious
But it’s better to turn your back than watch, a shipwreck you can’t save
All those things that we shared, Disappeared as I struggled for air
Your secrets are safe with me my dear, Yeah I’ll take them to my grave

Give it time and it will die, if you promise to cheat, I promise to lie, and when you lay by my side, I’ll pretend I know your name

The dramas gone and now with this song I want to purge the memories
Track Name: Letting Go
Tonight sleep will come, easy as birth
Still I won’t leave my bed, spare for a shaking earth
Stare at the roof, recall looking with you,
Wrapped in the sheets, sharing the view

As we both caught our breath, caught up in excess
Intertwined legs, a beautiful mess
We cleaned, we bleached, like the source of some disease
Sanitized and alone except these memories

I remember the clothes, you left in my room
And you coming home and me greeting you
I remember letting go, as you boarded the train
Was so much easier then, knowing I’d see you again

I miss you and the messes we made
I miss you and sharing our pain
I miss you like a motherless son
I miss you I thought you were the one(x4)
Track Name: Try Again
I will open my arms
And press my neck to your blade
A test for both of us
I’m prepared for any mistakes

So come on help me now
I’ve waited too long
I know that you’ve reached out
But you’re slowly pulling away

I am ready to give
Another shot at this
I am so loaded
Here’s to hoping I don’t miss

So come on help me now
I’ve waited too long
I know that you’ve reached out
But you’re slowly pulling away

I can’t bear the thought of this
There are parts of you that I still miss
Still I find I’m drowning in
All the sin you washed me in
I can’t bear the thought of this
There are parts of you I should not miss
Still I find I’m drowning in
All the sin you washed me in

It’s taken time to realize
To really empathize
With the face staring back at me

I’m ready to forgive
To allow myself to live
To show a side of myself that’s long been unseen